Tuesday, 2 September 2008

AMP003 Available to Pre-Order

AMP003 - S&M Combo (CDR)
Released on 8th September, this CDR by Cello/Synth noise outfit S&M Combo is now available to pre-order
S&M Combo (erstwhile S&M) started in 2004 as a development from a previous collaboration as interestfreetelevision. Discarding the use of samplers, loops, processing and computing, S&M Combo focused on free improvisation with their core instruments: oscillators and cello. The duo combines many extraordinarily unlikely sounds that lie poised over the visceral interface of harsh mechanical noise coupling with serene minimalist beauty. The initial simplicity and immediacy of their improvisation gives rise to ever more complex and exotic, aleatory forms. By exploring both the delicacy and raw power of such simple systems they are musically part Jonathan Harvey and part Whitehouse, or like a physics lecture gone astray.
CDRs cost £4 UK/ $8 World - paypal to amptower@googlemail.com or email this address for alternative payment methods

Thursday, 31 July 2008

New Coldstream track on Heavy Nature Tapes

Coldstream has a new track - Devastation (Fallout Mix) - on the Ritual II comiplation on Heavy Nature Tapes.

CDR available for $5 at http://www.heavynature.vze.com/

Friday, 20 June 2008

Mystified - Baseline CDR to be released in July

AMP002 is coming!

In early July, Amp Tower Recordings will be putting out our second release:

Mystified - Baseline CDR

Mystified is extremely prolific, constantly releasing quality experimental ambient, drone and noise


These hand-numbered CDRs contain 10 tracks of pure dark shimmering drone, including a remix by Amp Tower's Coldstream

1. Man Machine Drone
2. Hertz Two Oh
3. Diesel
4. Uncertainty
5. Baseline
6. Strange Winds
7. Piskadear (Ctephin) (Mystified Remix)
8. Always Beginning
9. Polar Out
10. Polar Out (Coldstream Remix)

Pre-orders are being taken now:

£4 UK / $8 world inc p&p

paypal to amptower@googlemail.com

Send email to this address for alternative payment methods

Sample available here:


Amp Tower Releases Now Available at archive.org

All Amp Tower releases will now be available at archive.org (at 320 kbps) as well as last.fm when the physical releases have sold out.

The Coldstream C30 is now available as a zipped file (including artwork) here:


Wednesday, 28 May 2008


The Coldstream C30 Cassette (AMP001) has now sold out.
But don't worry, if you slept on it you can download the MP3s to keep forever here:


Keep your eyes peeled for some new releases very soon

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Coldstream :: Free Streams at last.fm

Coldstream has 2 tracks which can be streamed for free on last.fm

Check out www.last.fm/music/coldstream to hear them

Monday, 14 April 2008

Amp Tower 001 available for pre-order

Amp Tower 001 will be released on 21st April

Coldstream - C-30

Using computers, guitars and field recordings amongst other sound sources, Coldstream presents 4 tracks of drones, and dark atmospheres


Side A
1. Learn
2. Search
Side B
1. Taken
2. Fia
Tapes cost £3 inc. P+P for UK, and $7 inc. P+P rest of the world
Pre-orders are being taken now - Tapes will be shipped from Friday 18th April