Friday, 20 June 2008

Mystified - Baseline CDR to be released in July

AMP002 is coming!

In early July, Amp Tower Recordings will be putting out our second release:

Mystified - Baseline CDR

Mystified is extremely prolific, constantly releasing quality experimental ambient, drone and noise

These hand-numbered CDRs contain 10 tracks of pure dark shimmering drone, including a remix by Amp Tower's Coldstream

1. Man Machine Drone
2. Hertz Two Oh
3. Diesel
4. Uncertainty
5. Baseline
6. Strange Winds
7. Piskadear (Ctephin) (Mystified Remix)
8. Always Beginning
9. Polar Out
10. Polar Out (Coldstream Remix)

Pre-orders are being taken now:

£4 UK / $8 world inc p&p

paypal to

Send email to this address for alternative payment methods

Sample available here:

Amp Tower Releases Now Available at

All Amp Tower releases will now be available at (at 320 kbps) as well as when the physical releases have sold out.

The Coldstream C30 is now available as a zipped file (including artwork) here: