Tuesday, 2 September 2008

AMP003 Available to Pre-Order

AMP003 - S&M Combo (CDR)
Released on 8th September, this CDR by Cello/Synth noise outfit S&M Combo is now available to pre-order
S&M Combo (erstwhile S&M) started in 2004 as a development from a previous collaboration as interestfreetelevision. Discarding the use of samplers, loops, processing and computing, S&M Combo focused on free improvisation with their core instruments: oscillators and cello. The duo combines many extraordinarily unlikely sounds that lie poised over the visceral interface of harsh mechanical noise coupling with serene minimalist beauty. The initial simplicity and immediacy of their improvisation gives rise to ever more complex and exotic, aleatory forms. By exploring both the delicacy and raw power of such simple systems they are musically part Jonathan Harvey and part Whitehouse, or like a physics lecture gone astray.
CDRs cost £4 UK/ $8 World - paypal to amptower@googlemail.com or email this address for alternative payment methods